Down Goes Arsene(al) !

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Sports

We should be one of the clubs who win those trophies” – yes maybe they should but inrecent times they haven’t been but that is not to say they won’t be again and whilst Wenger may not be the man who delivers that in the end you have to say that Ferguson is right again when he asks of his old adversary Who is going to replace him?”

Arsenal have made reasonable revenue in the period under review though but It is to be believed that success in football is measured by the trophy won by a club and not necessarily the amount of money made because it will eventually tell on your finances if you run trophy less for too many seasons. Success of a manager that will be talked about after he is gone will be the number of trophy he won and not the amount of money made while he was managing affairs of the team. So somebody please tell Arsene please trophy is equivalent to success not the amount of money made; that is what makes Jose Mourinho The Special One.
Discussing the saturday night mayhemI’d 8 2 to be an Arsenal supporter tonight‘ a lot of arsenal fans expressed their frustration and it must be said from the way they sound, these guys are ready to go to war if Arsenal or rather Arsene wenger refuse to spend this summer, spending on quality and experienced player that will improve the overall quality of the team. Only and only when that is done then they wouldn’t see THE DOWNFALL OF ARSENE WENGER AT THE EMIRATES this season.

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