Pune FC : The Red Lizards !

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Sports

Pune Football Club (PFC) is one of the youngest I-league clubs placing the city of Pune on India’s Football map .Established in 2007, it gained promotion to the I-League in the 2009-10 season. Pune F.C. is one of the most professional football clubs in India & is also known as one of the first football clubs to not follow the Institutional Football format that was seen more in I-League.Their Logo shield with a Ghorpad (Monitor Lizard) engulfing a football is a major inspiration to the club, to overcome all obstacles and be successful in India and Asia. The colours used in the logo are red and gold. The red symbolises aggression, danger and passion and the gold symbolises success and victory.

Sequent top-five National League finishes and coming from, mayhap the fastest growing football city in India, The red Lizards have it in them to make an astonishing impact. A club with one of the best with a professional setup and a steady approach towards its targets, PFC have established themselves as a successful club in India in just five seasons since its inception.Though a successful club, Pune have no silverware to showcase. Winning a cup competetion like the IFA or Durand Cup would be ideal to boost the confidence of the owners, the players, the staff and of course the fans and derive them to pinnacle of glory in near future.

The Red Lizards have tralatitious started slowly in the league as well as cup competitions and have always bounced back in the later stages to earn the respect of being a team making super comebacks. Such an attribute can be acceptable for a nascent club,trying to regroup a new set of players; however this isn’t deemed fit, when it comes to an established one.Now with the commencement of the 2011-12 season in September, coach Derrick Perreira, faces a familiar task beacuse as many as Seven players of the regular 16-member squad and three of the starting 11 have left the club. Furthermore, no big name signings have been done by the owners, apart from India International Baldeep Singh and Mumbai FC stalwart Anas Edathodika.With the availability of Subrata Paul this season, the goalkeeping department shall look forward to have many clean sheets during the entire season, thereby reinstating PFC as a club with the best defensive record.Apart from these biggies ,one has to keep their eyes open for the popularly known as ‘Awesome-Foursome’ – F Lalrempuial ,Karthik  G , David  Lalbiakzara  & Nikhil kadam.Coming from different parts of the country,they all want to play football for India more than anything else.

Pune FC 2011-12 squad http://punefc.com/squad.aspx

For Match highlights http://punefc.com/pfctv.aspx

Pune FC has taken a frontline role of taking football to a new level of popularity among cricket crazy Indian sports fanatics.They have been quite successfull in tapping sizeable fan base.It all started with launch of free-to-air television  to broadcast highlights and feature shows on their clubs. Since its launch last October, PFC TV has generated over 30,000 upload views. last year, PFC TV was among the hundred most subscribed YouTube channels in India.Pune FC have also made an effort to reach out to the local community, organising tournaments at the inter-school and inter-corporate levels. They also invite schools to attend their matches. At the time of writing, Pune FC’s official Facebook page has generated 26,080 ‘likes’, the highest among I-League clubs — East Bengal (15,544) and Mohun Bagan (12,975) are distant second and third.

Latest in this upsurge will be the Blackburn FC vs Pune FC (blackburn owned by Indian poultry business tycoon Venky’s ).Blackburn Rovers will travel to their Indian owner’s hometown in Pune to play an exhibition match against Pune FC on October 7. The Blackburn Rovers academy coaches, who too will be with the team, will have one-on-one training sessions with selected players from local games. Besides, the talents scouts from the club will pick four best performing boys from the tournament to be trained at the Blackburn Rovers Academy in Brockhall in UK.

It’s quite a rejoice for a club with no history, from a non-traditional football centre. Somewhere in these rebelliously out-of-the-box methods lies a clue for Indian football. The Red Lizards have shown  masterclass in the past and nothing less is expected from them in coming years.


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